Interstellar Fan Art


I’m a big fan of Christopher Nolan, and my favorite of his movies is The Dark knight series and Inception. I saw Interstellar recently and here’s a sketch inspired by the movie.

The movie literally blew my mind. But I didn’t quite like the paradox — Cooper’s daughter’s ‘ghost’ is actually Cooper himself, acting inside a black hole, where he can access time as a fourth physical dimension, which itself was created by a more advance human race, which– wait for it– was possible only because Cooper could do all that.

Other than that, loved it :)



Pokemon : Memory Drawing

I was a big fan of the Pokemon TV series as a kid, and religiously watched it every day (until it became too complicated and I lost interest– like when Brock and Misty were no longer around, and there were different kinds of pokeballs and weird pokemons!). I made this ‘memory drawing’ yesterday (entirely from memory/imagination, without any reference), its amazing what one retains about something seen so long back.


Naveen, a good friend of mine was a bigger fan, and even used to write fan fiction based on it! I dedicate this work to him :)


A Selfie Sketch

When I can’t think of anything to draw/sketch, I draw my hands, my tv chair, or selfies. Here’s such a selfie drawn a day back.

Fantasia Painting(22)

Its in an A6 sketchbook I bought (an impulse buy), and is done in gel pen and acrylic.


The First Post

Hi. I’m Ajith Rajan, from Kerala, India, 21 and pursuing CA Final at the time of this writing. I like drawing, web/graphic design, reading, working out, writing and photography among other things.


I just designed this site in a hurry (in about 2 hours), so that I could start posting. I’d improve the design (add a sidebar, etc) in days to come but the current design should offer a good reading experience across devices (it’s responsive, more or less). (I reverted to a ready made theme, but I’ll design my own some time!)

I used to write a blog  titled ‘Art vs Accounting’ based on the erstwhile posterous blogging platform, and I still have all its entries.

And I’m gonna leave you with the first post of Art vs Accounting. (more…)